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  1. Thanks for the information about this year’s Write Angles Conference. I have several questions: *Question*: the post states that registration will be on before September 12th. Does that include registering for an agent meeting? *Question*: Will the cover letter with the pitch and synopsis for the agent meeting be due with registration? *Question*: Is it possible to request a specific agent?

    Looking forward to another Write Angles! Best Regards, Susan McKenna

    1. When you register, you will indicate on the form that you are interested in meeting with an agent, and you can ask for a specific agent.

      After you have paid (i.e., are “fully registered”), you will be instructed on how to proceed with the materials to submit. Every effort will be made to match you with the agent you request — but first-come-first-served applies, and if there are many applicants wanting the same agent it might not be possible to fulfill all requests. In that case, an agent will be selected who is interested in the kind of writing the applicant is doing.

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