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April 6, 2024
Northampton Center for the Arts
Northampton, MA

Notes from WriteAngles 2024

See comments, handouts, and photo galleries from the 2024 conference.

We are putting together comments about the conference, photo galleries, and a collection of requested handouts.

Shanta Lee

Keynote Speaker

Shanta Lee delivered an inspiring keynote at the 2024 conference.

A Few Words

About The Conference Organizer

The mission of Straw Dog Writers Guild is to support the writing community by strengthening, engaging, and connecting writers at all levels of development.

We are a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the craft and transformative power of writing, designed to serve writers throughout the region by promoting individual growth, community outreach and enrichment, and community building. [MORE]

What They Are Saying

Past conference attendees comment on the WriteAngles experience…

Joyful Connection

Thanks, in part, to WriteAngles, I can call myself a writer. After years of having stories to tell and, yes, at times telling those stories but never writing them, today I write. I’m working on my second book. To tell you the truth, I can’t stop writing. That’s a good problem to have, and I thank WriteAngles for illuminating this wonderful, joyful connection to my newfound art.
Steve Bernstein
Steve Bernstein
Author, “Stories from the Stoop”

My Cup Runneth Over

Meeting with publicist Mary Bisbee-Beek at the last WriteAngles conference is the best thing that's happened in my recent writing life! I have two books coming out next year with three different publishers all because of her. She rocks! She got my first book reprinted with JackLeg Press, and suggested I submit my second to the Leapfrog Global Fiction Awards, where it just won publication in both the US and the UK! My cup runneth over.
D.K. McCutchen
D.K. McCutchen
Author, “Jellyfish Dreaming”

Practical Advice

I am happy to hear that the WriteAngles Conference will be back! The conferences that I attended gave me hope, inspiration, and practical advice. I benefited greatly from a session in 2019 called Paths to Publication, where panelists discussed the pros and cons of big publishers, indie presses, and hybrids... My wife, Priscilla, and I were referred to White River Press... We ended up with our book in print within a year and were delighted with the result.
Mohammad Yadegari
Mohammad Yadegari
Author, “Always An Immigrant"

The Venue

Northampton Center for the Arts
Northampton, MA

Northampton Center for the Arts
Northampton, MA

For 30 years, the The Northampton Center for the Arts’ ballroom and galleries served as venues for performances, exhibitions, arts-education programming and community gatherings.

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