Staying inspired

Keep your writing inspired. Spend a high-energy day surrounded by other writers and writing professionals. We’ll feed you, give you new ideas, and send you off ready to forge ahead with your novel, short stories, essays, poems, etc. We’ve been planning this year\’s conference for months and will begin registration soon.

This year there will be two separate opportunities to present your work to agents. As we have done in the past we will be setting up individual agent meetings on a first-come, first-served basis. Secondly, we have come up with a new approach to the afternoon agents’ panel. Instead of following the usual panel format we will borrow an idea from “reality” TV. We will choose, at random, 1-page samples of writing contributed anonymously by conference participants (i.e., you) and read them aloud to get a quick yea or nay response from the agents (plus a brief explanation). We can’t guarantee yours will be chosen, but it’s worth a try.


Meanwhile, save the date below!

When: Saturday, November 21, 2009
Where: Willits-Hallowell Center on Mount Holyoke College campus, South Hadley, MA
What to expect: Here is a sampling of participant comments we received from past conferences:

“Great conference. Thank you!”

“Agents\’ panel — superb, wowee! Thanks. I can\’t thank you enough for the opportunity to meet an agent. It may have actually been life-changing! Dennis Lehane was superlative. Screen Angles was very useful. . . . Overall, this conference has been the best WriteAngles of the several I’ve attended. Bravo!”

“Keep up the good work. This was extraordinarily relevant to my career. Thank you.”

“Great author speakers.”

“Conference Organization, excellent!”

“Great! Wonderful you\’re doing this!”

“Keep up the great work.”

“Thank you for such a good conference!”