Whew! And wow!

\"\"In her reaction to yesterday’s wonderful WriteAngles conference, planning committee member (and best-selling author) Jacqueline Sheehan summed up the feelings of all of us who worked behind the scenes:

Producing WriteAngles is a bit like putting on a play, or maybe Cirque de Soleil. There are moments before the curtains go up that I’m convinced that it will be a giant flop and everything possible will go wrong and bushels of tomatoes will be tossed at us. And even on the day of the conference, panelists arrive late (not late really, just distressingly up to the last minute), an agent arrives one minute before his first meeting jogging up the stairs with his tie flying over his left shoulder, our keynote speaker for the 1:30 slot arrives exactly at 1:30 and is then fabulous, we agonize over having enough space for the walk-ins, and one hundred other glitches happen. And somehow, the final event is so great that I can hardly believe it. I talked to many happy people who left jazzed up about writing. Each panel that I attended was fantastic! We had people here from not only Mass, but CT, NH, VT, NY, NJ, and RI. And Maine (hi Katherine). What a day!