Thoughts of the Day

By Laura Poth

I woke up this bright, sunny Massachusetts morning with not one cloud in the sky.

I have all I need to live well enough. My family enjoys good health. Though life does have its high and low points, it generally gives us much joy and happiness.

Why, then, do I have this feeling of desperate hopelessness? A cloud of doom hovers over me. I am filled with longing for something almost too difficult to describe.

I lack control. That’s not me, typically. Whenever life presents problems, I usually find a way to take care of things. I can usually find a way to choose a positive path to the best possible outcome.

News that streams to me minute-by-minute via cell phone, newspaper and television instantaneously informs me of shootings, stabbings, graft, greed and corruption worldwide.

I am 70 years old.

What can I do?

I am one of the first baby boomers. We were the generation that was to change the world. Those born after me were the flower children. With all the love-ins and talk of peace; with all the desire to end hate and racism, war and injustice in the world. . . . I was filled with hope back then.

What went so wrong?

Why can’t we all get along?

"flashmemoirlaurapoth"Laura Poth grew up in Connecticut, received an A.S. Degree at Dean Jr. College and a B.A. at Westfield State College in Massachusetts. A true believer in continuing education, she appreciates the little things in life that are often most important.


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