Popular panelist!

\"\"A week before award-winning poet and children\’s picture book author Richard Michelson participates in our WriteAngles panel \”Bringing Characters to Life\” he\’ll be on another one in Boston. At the second annual Boston Book Festival, October 16, Rich will join the panel \”Border Crossing: Understanding Social Justice through Fiction\” which takes place from 11:30 to 12:30. The BBF is free, at various locations around Copley Square.

His latest book BUSING BREWSTER, which deals with the promises and challenges of school integration in the 1970s, has been featured in The Boston Globe.

How does Rich Michelson create rounded characters when he has only a few words to play? That’s one of the questions he’ll be addressing in his WriteAngles talk on Bringing Characters to Life. He’ll also discuss the difficulties he runs into with editors who are wary of presenting characters – historical or not – with any warts showing (i.e. a father who is prejudiced). The panel is part of Session II, which meets from 11:15-12:30.