Dear Ex-Husband

By Tara McNamara

Although we are still legally married,
I am writing to inform you that,
Regretfully I will no longer be available to you.

I must gracefully decline your offer
Of employment as dishwasher and sock folder.
Also, general household maintenance and personal chef,
I will not be around to fulfill.

As the benefits that were previously arranged
You have failed to provide (see marriage vows).

As for accounting services,
You may decide to pay your own bills online,
And I do not have your email account password.
I believe you can locate it under gojumpoffacliffyoulazys**. com.

In other words, my employment
Under the umbrella of “housewife” has expired and
No further action on your part is needed.

I am providing this notice to you
Because you seem to have forgotten
That I left this position last year.

If you are still having trouble filling it,
I suggest you take out an ad in the back pages.
They do excellent work.
I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

With the utmost regards,


"flashmemoirtaramcnamara"Tara McNamara facilitates and participates in writers’ workshops for women previously incarcerated and/or in recovery. A compilation of her work titled God Doesn’t Draw in a Straight Line, so Why Should I Walk One is her latest project. She loves sharks and resides in Turner’s Falls, Massachusetts.


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