Siegfried Haug

Siegfried Haug is the author BAD SLEEP, a suspense novel published in 2019 by Levellers Press. He is also the author of I WANT TO SLEEP, a workbook for insomniacs. Retired now from clinical work and teaching, he lives with his wife, a ceramic artist, in the foothills of the Berkshires. When warmth is hard to come by they migrate to Key West.

Siegfried Haug


by Siegfried Haug “Looks like gout to me,” Herman, my doctor, says. I had gingerly, very gingerly, pulled down my sock for him. “I’ll give you some prednisone. Start with 60 milligrams. Then you titrate.” I was in pain and uncharacteristically compliant. Not being a pharmacology devotee, I opt for a supplementary alternative addition: Four

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by Siegfried Haug “Your Manchurian ancestors,” my grandmother said, “when they were lucky enough to come across a flock of turkeys were overjoyed. Positively overjoyed.” She looked up from stirring her pot. It never occurred to me — towheaded southern German farm boy — to question her sketchy family tree. She wiped long-fingered hands on

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