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mirabartokOnly a few years ago Mira Bartok, author of The Memory Palace, was a panelist at WriteAngles. Now publishers are vying for her uncompleted manuscript and plans are afoot for a movie!

It may not prove that all our panelists will meet with fabulous success but it does provide additional evidence that we attract fine panelists.

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Two of the panelists who will participate in the Telling True Stories panel have good news to share.

Ted Gup’s book A SECRET GIFT was just named winner of the Ohioana Book Award in Nonfiction, a literary prize given at Ohio’s annual book festival. (Photo by Susan Symones, Infinity Portrait Design)

Mira Bartók’s book THE MEMORY PALACE climbed to #18 on the New York Times bestselling list this past week. And locally, she’ll be reading at Smith College on October 19 and at the University of Massachusetts Amherst on October 25.

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