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We are very pleased that we have scheduled an excellent date for our fall WriteAngles conference, Saturday, October 18, once again to be held at the lovely Willits-Hallowell Center on the Mount Holyoke College campus in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

And we have two wonderful keynoters lined up. Christian McEwen will kick things off on a good note in the morning, and David Anthony Durham will speak after lunch. We will make additional announcements about our program and panels as we work out the details. Please subscribe to this blog for updates.

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Jo Knowles’ blog piece was lovely [see below]. It reminded me of a post I did a while back on my blog. It was about writing the second book of my current trilogy and accidentally being reminded of the creative process for writing the first book. Since I’m now writing the third book … well, it’s nice to be reassured that as strange and challenging as the process is, it really does work! Here’s what I wrote back then…

[David will participate in the “Inspiration Throughout the Writing Process” panel.]

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