Legal clinic full

All slots in the Legal Clinic are now reserved. Thanks for your interest.

We have published the first two flash memoir entries in our newly launched journal, by Laura Elizabeth Nelson and Patricia Lee Lewis. Please take a look! We will be posting more soon.

Registration is open

We are now accepting registrations for this year’s WriteAngles conference.

We are planning to open registration by 9:00 a.m. at the latest, perhaps a little earlier if possible. You will also be able to pay online using PayPal if that is the form of payment you prefer. We will also accept checks.

We will also be introducing the WriteAngles Journal tomorrow.

hanauerbitchisbackCongratulations to WriteAngles 2015 panelist Cathi Hanauer on the publication of her new anthology, THE BITCH IS BACK: OLDER, WISER, AND (GETTING) HAPPIER, a follow-up to her previous book THE BITCH IN THE HOUSE: 26 WOMEN TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT SEX, SOLITUDE, WORK, MOTHERHOOD, AND MARRIAGE. Hanauer will be at Broadside Bookshop, in Northampton, on Wednesday, September 28 (7 pm), with contributors Julianna Baggott, Erin White, and Kathy Thomas, and at Odyssey Books, in South Hadley, on Thursday, October 6 (also at 7 pm), again with Julianna. For more details, check Hanauer’s website.

Schedule complete!

Our schedule is 99.5% complete, and we are happy to present it to you, along with a page of presenters’ biographical sketches.

We expect registration to begin on or around Sept. 12. Please sign up for our blog posts to stay updated. You will receive important announcements in your email.

NumberfiveWe have five agents scheduled for the conference this year, which means that more of you will be able to meet with one of them to discuss your project. Thanks to Lee for working so hard to make it happen!

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