Congratulations all around

\"takeabow\"Thanks to everyone — keynoters, panelists, literary agents, workshop leaders, organizers, and attendees — who made this year\’s WriteAngles a smash success. If you are interested in joining the planning committee for next year\’s conference, please send us your name. Sometime in January we will begin to plot out our THIRTIETH conference.

And thanks to Sandra Walker for documenting the 29th conference with her camera. A few of her photos are shown here.

\"WAChristianMcEwen\"Morning keynoter Christian McEwen

\"WADavidAnthonyDurham2\"Afternoon keynoter David Anthony Durham

\"WAJeanMarieRuiz\"The conference\’s coordinator Jean Marie Ruiz

\"WAAgents\"Agents (left to right) Mark Gottlieb, Roseanne Wells, Rachel Kory, Soumeya Bendimerad, and Brooks Sherman, with coordinator/registrar Lee Retan

\"WAOdysseybookstore\"And thanks to Odyssey Book Shop for all their work involved in providing books by the day\’s authors

3 thoughts on “Congratulations all around”

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to attend. It was a fabulous day and I know you put a lot of work into it. As for sound in the main room, I think the mikes there need a pro using them or different equipment. I’m the one who got everyone going about not tapping the mike. One can run nails along the grill or talk into it to test a mike. Tapping ruins the electronics and I suspect that has been done for years to the mikes in that room. Or that awful sound (artifice) may have been from a dirty pot (turning the knobs a bit back and forth remedies that) or they may have broken connections. My beloved is a sound engineer so I give you this lame second hand advice. A pro sound person would probably set you back a few hundred or the college should have one for free but maybe they have had enough on weekends and run away. That’s why my guy gets a lot of Williams jobs. I don’t know of any pros in your area though.

    SO I didn’t get to fill in an evaluation. I wished I knew you could request an agent. I thought they picked the queries they wanted. Everything else was peachy except the sound in the afternoon keynote and other times. Once the air came on it was hopeless for the left side of the room. The speaker was cool moving and trying to make himself heard but he was soft voiced. I did want to hear him. So overall, what a great conference.

    Thanks again for all you do,


    1. We are totally in sympathy with your comments about the sound (along with those of other attendees) and appreciate your suggestions. As you might imagine, we will be following up on this. We understand it is actually a new system. Clearly it has some kinks that need to be worked out.

      Concerning agent meetings, we take all query letters supplied by registrants (who have paid) and match them with agents on a first-come-first-served basis until we reach the limit that can be handled in the time allotted.

  2. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in keeping the conference going. The agent mix was wonderful, and the place was packed. So wonderful to see so many writers coming together every year.

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